HSO | A Commitment to Health Community
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Medicare Insurance

With the right help, you can help yourself the right kind of financial help in medical emergencies.

Health Policies

We want to make sure that with the right health policies, we can bring about the right changes in the lives of people.

Health Sciences

We will make sure that with our help, you have the support which will push you to get into your best health.

Learning Resources to Improve Global Health Get Started Now.

Click on the button below and learn about the way you can contribute to global health improvement.


We are looking to bring about the right people to train in helping you.

Public Health

We are trying to bring awareness which can get you through the right kind of help for the well being of the community.


We are working to make sure that you have access to the medicine to help you treat the symptoms right.

A Virtual Learning Center for Comprehensive Health Professional Education & Training Read More.

Dalton T. Lara

They are some of the best people who are looking to ensure that people have access to medicines at a lower price.

Julio I. McPhearson

They are extremely helpful, especially when flu is taking the bouts in the community.

William P. Miller

I have been volunteering with them to give the right kind of help, especially when you are looking to help your community.

Teresa J. Wilson

They have been working long and hard; they are some of the best people who are always looking to help you.

What’s Happening

  • Quality healthcare does not depend only on the doctors and nurses who attend to your medical concerns every time you visit a hospital. Aside from these personnel and professionals that you meet during your health checkup, there is an entire workforce making sure that proper...

  • Most Americans take drug tests regularly, whether it’s for a new position at work, after an accident, or for other purposes. Despite the fact that marijuana is now legal in many states, many employers aren’t so cool with their employees taking a little bit of...

  • HIV treatment involves medication that slows the progression of the virus in the body. HIV is a virus which is called a retrovirus. The drugs used to treat it is called antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART is advised for everyone living with HIV, regardless of how...

  • The medical industry in India, with its quality benchmarks, is scattered in the urban/rural and public/private healthcare units. In the health care industry, medical assistants act as a bridge between patients and the hospital, and, therefore, the future of the health care system depends on...