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Thank you for visiting Help Serve Others. You will find more information on the site and program in this section.

About HSO

Help Serve Others (HSO) aims to be a leader in offering easily-accessible, quality information to medical professions around the globe.

Our Vision:

A world where health professionals in training and practice can access comprehensive, easily-found, high quality, current courses, references, and other learning resources to improve global health.

About This Site

This site is under active development to implement a content cataloging and search technology to offer the world better health resources. ifPeople, a responsible business based in Atlanta, GA, is leading the development with its FairSource team of software professionals. The site leverages the Free/Open Source Software content management system Plone as a framework for development and includes a custom product for managing the indexing of content, which will be made available as Free Software. The site leverages the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) as a keyword system for the content. HSO staff select qualified content to add to the site’s database. The web site contains indexes of these resources, which users can freely search from the site. To view the full resource, the user is sent to the source site (which opens in a new window).