HSO | Are Home Drug Tests Accurate?
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Are Home Drug Tests Accurate?

Home drug test

Most Americans take drug tests regularly, whether it’s for a new position at work, after an accident, or for other purposes. Despite the fact that marijuana is now legal in many states, many employers aren’t so cool with their employees taking a little bit of herb, even on their days off from work. Many people have lost their jobs due to a positive marijuana drug test. Before taking a drug test, consider using an at-home drug test ahead of time.


Home drug testing kits are sold at most drug stores and many online retailers. They cost only a few dollars, and the cab saves a ton of headaches and hassle. But, are the drug test kits designed for at-home use really accurate?


An at home drug test kit contains all the materials needed to test for many types of drugs from the comfort and privacy of home. Urine, hair, and saliva drug tests are all available, but most people stick with the urine test. A collection cup, test strip, and instructions come inside the box. Some kits are sent to the lab for further testing if needed. This is necessary for occurrences of positive drug tests.


Types of Home Drug Tests



Along with choosing from urine, saliva, or a hair follicle drug test, you must also choose the design of the test, as well as the substances the kit tests for. Many home drug testing kits test for all major drugs, but others test only for certain substances. Make sure to purchase the right drug test kit for your specific needs.


Home Drug Test Benefits


Taking a home drug test prior to an upcoming drug test can help determine if your system is clean, so your test doesn’t come back positive. It is an affordable way to get an extra measure of assurance in your drug test. Since many products are available to ‘clean’ the system prior to a drug test, you can determine if your efforts work using the home testing kit. At-home drug tests also work wonderfully for concerned parents who suspect their child/children are using drugs.


Are Drug Testing Kits accurate?


Home drug testing kits are accurate, although the brand and place of purchase, as well as proper usage, also impact this information. Many people are surprised to learn that even the foods they eat prior to the test can affect the results. Many home drug tests promise 99% accuracy. There is no 100% foolproof test, however.

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